Stained Glass Windows & Leaded Lights

The term stained glass refers to the treatment of glass with silver stain which when fired in a kiln leaves a stain within the glass ranging from light yellow to a deep amber.

We also use the term to describe any painted glass, for example figurative work within Ecclesiastical windows or centre pieces within Victorian door panels.

Leaded Lights are panels that only use clear, coloured, textured or etched glass with the lead making up the pattern.

We design and make windows and features in both traditional and contemporary styles in order to suit your individual requirements and budget. We have a huge range of handblown and machine made glass types and colours to choose from. We have an extensive portfolio for you to view to give you some inspirational ideas and illustrate the creative possibilities available.

As well as viewing our work on the Projects page you can also see more examples here on our Flickr page.