The Red Lion – Desi Pub

Here’s some more images from the current project for The Red Lion – Desi pub. The images show some of the various stages of production from setting out to leading up and cementing. A lot of the glass textures within the window are reclaimed glass that has been collected over the years such as the small flemish and narrow reeded. I really love using these old textures as they create incredible variation in different light and give the windows that authentic look.  Although the lights look very traditional in design we’ve added elements that lend the lights an Indian feel such as the corners which aren’t typical of a 30′s pub window and also the green and orange colours which reflect the colours of the Indian flag.

Some of the panels are going to be exhibited at The Royal Festival Hall, Southbank London from 20 May – 30 May as part of The Alchemy Festival.

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May 19, 2016