Sandblasted Glass Great Wave

Here are some pictures of a copy of Katsushika Hokusai’s¬†Great Wave sandblasted onto a roundel of blue handmade flashed glass. Flashed glass is a thin layer of colour on top of clear glass. Originally flashed glass was first produced as colours like red were so intense that for it still to appear transparent the glass would have to be incredibly thin which was totally impractical hence it was “flashed” onto clear glass. Modern production methods mean this is no longer necessary but flashed glass is still produced for artistic means such as sandblasting and acid etching. To create the various contrasts in colour the roundel has been sandblasted to various depths. The roundel is for a porthole in a door so has been bonded to 4mm clear glass to meet safety requirements.

sandblasted glass great wave sandblasted glass great wave sandblasted glass great wave


September 3, 2013