Millenium Window – St.Peter’s, Martley

I was looking at a job over in Bromyard last week and decided to take a detour to look at the millennium window at St Peter’s  in Martley, Worcestershire. The window is situated in the West Tower and was created  in 1999 by Tom Denny a renowned painter and stained glass artist. As you can see from the images the window is stunning and although it looks abstract on first inspection as you immerse yourself in the window the remarkable levels of detail become apparent and you notice the various elements such as the trees, animals and figures.

The various combinations of colour on one piece of glass are achieved through various techniques such as acid etching, silver staining, lustres and plating. The window is also well worth viewing from outside as the metalling of the glass due to the staining has created some fascinating patterns.

As well as the Tom Denny window St Peter’s is well worth a visit to take in the Norman Architecture, beamed roof and the ancient wall paintings situated in the chancel and nave.

Millenium WindowAngelFiguresBirdsMillenium Window - external Ancient painting - rabbit Ancient painting - deer








August 10, 2014