Desi Pub

Here’s some images from a current project commissioned by Creative Black CountryThe term “Desi Pub” is used to describe the pubs in The Black Country that are run by landlords from the Punjabi community serving authentic curries and grills alongside local ales.They are unique to the area and well established serving a wide cross section of the local community. The pub we have been working with is The Red Lion in West Bromwich. This pub can trace it’s history back to the 1930′s when it was built as a hotel. Originally all of the windows would have been leaded lights but sadly over time the majority of these have been removed and are now plain glazing. I wanted to design some new leaded lights for The Red Lion but with a twist. On first site they look like traditional lights that have been there since the pub was built but on closer inspection the lights tell us more about the pubs new use and the story of the early punjabi migrants to the Black Country.

The images below show the roundels being painted by Aidan Mcrae Thomson. These make up some of the centrepieces for the 10 leaded lights that make up the window. Each roundel gives us an insight into the early migrants life from their rural beginnings in India through to the working and living conditions in the Steel foundries and terraced houses of Sandwell and the racial prejudice and discrimination they have had to overcome. The images also show our interpretation of the Ashoka Lion the emblem of India which will proudly feature at the top of the window.


desi pub stained glassdesi pub stained glassblack country stained glassindian stained glassstained glass ashoka liondesi pub stained glassdesi pub stained glassdesi pub stained glassdesi pub stained glassdesi pub stained glas

April 28, 2016